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姓名 专利名称 专利号 申请日期 状态
黄文成教授 Low Bandgap Dicyanovinyl and Tricyanovinyl Oligothiophenes for Solar Cell Applications US Patent No. 9147848 B2 N/A 于2015年9月29日获得
黄文成教授 Imaging Beta-Amyloid Peptides and Inhibition of Beta-Amyloid Peptide Aggregation US Patent No. 9156814 B2 N/A 于2015年10月13日获得
黄文成教授 用于太阳能电池应用的低带隙的二氰基乙烯基和三氰基乙烯基低聚噻吩 中国,CN103524481 B N/A 获得
马迪龙博士 A luminescent Iridium(III) complex and its uses thereof for the G-quadruplex-based switch-on rapid detection of lead ions US 62/240,502 10/2015 US provisional patent
马迪龙博士 Method of detecting helicase activity   11/2015 US nonprovisional patent (Application Number: 14950538, wait for filing)
马迪龙博士 Antagonising STAT3 Dimerization by a Rhodium(III) Complex US 62/168,371 05/2015 US provisional patent
黄陟峰博士 Plasmonic Nanoparticles with hidden chiroptical activity and their uses thereof 62272213 12/2015 US provisional patent
黄嘉良博士 In Vivo Selective Cancer Tracking Gadolinium Eradicator as New Generation Photodynamic Therapy Agent US
11/2014 US provisional patent
梁湛辉博士 The Use of Dynamic Rotaxane and Preparation Method Thereof US 61/894,890 2013 US provisional patent