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State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis(Hong Kong Baptist University)


Apr 21   Dr. Ye Shiman, the Vice President of Xiamen University; Prof. Fang Ping, Chairman of the Hong Kong Alumni Association of Xiamen University and Dr. Shi Hhuixia, Deputy Secretary General of the General Alumni Association of Xiamen University
Apr 4   Seminar: Genomic maintenance and premature aging
Mar 12   Seminar: Searching For Unidentified, Persistent and Bioaccumulative Chemicals among the Thousands in Commerce
Jan 22   3rd Academic Committee Meeting of SKLEBA
Dec 5   SKLEBA Annual General Meeting (2016-2017)
Nov 28   Seminar: Reaction dynamics of ionized PAHs by iPEPICO and Collision spectroscopies
Nov 17   Seminar: Triclosan metabolism towards its reactive metabolites-protein adducts determination using LC-MS: toxicity evaluation in new insight
Sep 22   Hong Kong & Central Western China Symposium in Analytical Chemistry
Aug 16   Seminar: Developing cross-linking mass spectrometry to define protein-protein interactions
Aug 16   Prof David Lynn, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Chemistry & Biology, Department of Chemistry, Emory University, USA
Aug 15   Seminar: Study on noncovalent protein complexes by mass spectrometry
Aug 14   Seminar: Quantitative Proteomics for Interrogating the Human Kinome and GTP-binding Proteome
Aug 11   Prof Alma Burlingame, Professor of Departments of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California, San Francisco
Jul 31   Seminar: Mechanisms and Environmental Applications of Chloroperoxidase
Jun 20   Delegation of Zhuhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
Jun 5   Seminar: Molecular Materials and Devices
May 22   Delegation of Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.China
May 15   Seminar: Deciphering Biological Insights from Time-Resolved Proteomics
May 10   Seminar: Electrochemistry at soft interfaces
Apr 18   Workshop:2017 Joint Workshop of State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis
Apr 11   Seminar: Molecular Materials Aggregations: From 1D to 2D
Apr 7   Seminar: Application of Chiral N,N'-Dioxide-Metal Complexes in Chiral Recognition
Apr 6   Seminar: Piglet models to study perinatal inflammation in preterm neonates
Apr 1   Seminar: Deepen Proteome Analysis Coverage by Improving Treatment Efficiency
Mar 23   Seminar:A Brief Introduction to The Haixi Institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mar 21   Prof. Sylvie Begin, Director of the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM); Prof. Laurence Sabatier, Director of the Department of Analytical Chemistry; Prof. Francoise Colobert, Director of the Department of Molecular Chemistry, University of Strasbourg
Mar 17   Seminar:Construction and Application of Zeolitic Nanoporous Materials
Mar 10   Seminar:Writing a Publishable Manuscript
Mar 7   Seminar:The establishment of multi-way structural optimization platform for active substances in Traditional Chinese Medicine and its applications
Feb 14   Delegation of School of Chemistry, Sun Yat-sen University
Dec 15   Seminar:Chemical Biology of Anti-Cancer Metal Medicines and Natural Products from Tradition Chinese Medicines
Dec 15   Seminar:New Era of Coordination Chemistry with Impacts on Energy, Sustainability and Medicines
Nov 8   Seminar: Analyzing thousands of individual cellular lipid species without chromatographic separation
Oct 18   Visit of Mr Zou Liyao , Deputy Director of International Cooperation Bureau and Director of Hong Kong, and Taiwan Office, NSFC; Mr Zhang Xiaobin , Associate Researcher of Project Planning Bureau, NSFC
Oct 13   Seminar: Unraveling the Trilogy Omics Tools-Food Science-Health via Foodomics
Oct 13   Visit of Ms Annie Choi, Commisioner of Innovation and Technology Commission
Aug 29   Workshop: Environmental Science and Technology: Submission, Review and Acceptance
Aug 15   Seminar: 生物分子的MALDI-TOFMS定量与成像分析
Jun 22   Seminar by Dr Betty Yeung,
May 20   2nd Academic Committee Meeting of SKLEBA (2015-2016)
May 10   Seminar by Prof. Xie Jianwei, "分析化学在国际化学武器核查中的作用"
Apr 26   Laboratory visit by Prof Jia Suotang of Shanxi University
Apr 22   Seminar by Prof. Dr. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, "Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry as an Essential Tool in Biology and Environmental Metabolomics"
Apr 18   Seminar by Prof Wang Jianhua, “Cell Manipulation by Protein Expression for Highly Selective Uptake of Metal Species”
Apr 1   2016 Workshop of Environment Sciences
Mar 18   Seminar by Prof Liu Maili, “Analysis of Molecular Interactiby NMR, Challenge and Solution”
Mar 11   Laboratory visit by Prof Ching-fai Ng , Prof SM Chung and Dr Bo Lei in United International College
Jan 25   Seminar by Prof Cai Yong, “Fumigant methyl iodide can methylate inorganic mercury species in natural waters”
Jan 8   Workshop of Environment and Biological Analysis
Jan 8   PSKLEBA Annual General Meeting (2014-2015)
Dec 31   Laboratory visit by 澳門環境科技研究協會呂寶珠會長 & 澳門科技大學伍建林博士
Dec 2   Seminar by Prof Liang Wenping, "全面推进中国化学走向国际前沿兼淡化学科学十三五发展战略"
Nov 18   Seminar by Prof Xu Shunqing, "生命早期污染暴露与成年后疾病风险的关系"
Nov 14   Laboratory visit by Prof Jin Dong-yan from School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Hong Kong
Oct 9   Conferment Ceremony of Kwok Yat Wai Endowed Chair of Environmental and Biological Analysis cum Inaugural Lecture by Professor Zongwei Cai Founding Endowed Chair of Environmental and Biological Analysis
Jul 28   Laboratory visit by 佛山市禪城區領導人員
Jun 26   Laboratory visit by 海門市委書記、海門市臨江新區管理委員會書記、海門開發區管理委員會副主任
May 26   Seminar by Prof. Zhang Xinrong,"质谱单细胞代谢组分析"
Apr 29   Laboratory visit by Prof LI Ning from Division of Life Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Apr 14   Seminar by Prof Peter Edwards,"Non-invasive imaging probe development for the facilitation of drug discovery"
Apr 13   Laboratory visit by Prof Walter Luyten from Kuleuven University, Belgium
Mar 23   Laboratory visit by the Director of Shandong Analysis and Test Centre
Mar 3   2015 Joint Workshop on Environmental Chemistry
Feb 10   Laboratory visit by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association & Bull.b tech
Jan 30   Seminar by Prof Dieter A Wolf, "Systems approaches to prostate cancer targets and therapeutics"
Jan 15   Laboratory visit by Prof Chen Xiaoming from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University
Jan 13   Laboratory visit by Prof Huang Yu from the School of Biomedical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dec 19   Seminar by Prof Deng Kejian & Prof Tang Heqing"含硫四氮雜金屬卟啉的合成與仿生催化性能研究" & "環境中典型鹵代物污染的控制與處理"
Dec 16   Seminar by Dr. Li Ka-wan,"How proteomics help us to understand brain function / disorders"
Dec 5   House-warming Party of SKLEBA
Dec 5   Seminar by Prof. Xian-En Zhang,"Science in China: a brief overview"
Nov 27   Laboratory visit by Prof Su Jilan from Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA
Nov 25   Seminar by Prof Chen Yi,"Investigations on mass spectrometric ionizations and applications"
Nov 23   Laboratory visit by The Alumni Association of Xiamen University (Guangdong)
Oct 31   1st Academic Committee Meeting of SKLEBA (2013-2014)
Oct 28   Seminar by Prof Ling Yong-Chien,"Versatilities of Graphene-Based Nanomaterials for Chemical Applications"
Sep 22   Seminar by Prof Xian-En Zhang,“Viral elements as nano-building blocks for construction of biosensing devices”
Aug 13   Seminar by Prof Ju Huangxian, “Signal amplification for highly efficient detection of functional biomolecules”
Aug 12   Seminar on Writing and Publishing Academic Journal Papers
Aug 7   Seminar by Prof Cai Yong, “Formation of sulfur-containing arsenic metabolites in human cells upon exposure to an arsenic-containing chemotherapeutic agent”
May 24   Joint Workshop of Environment and Food Sciences
May 23   Laboratory visit by National Office for Science & Technology Awards & Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre
Mar 11   PSKLEBA Annual General Meeting (2013-2014)
Mar 5   Laboratory visit by MOST
Feb 15   2014 Joint Workshop on Environmental Sciences
Feb 13   Change of Directorship of HKBU-RECCES Joint Research Institute of Environmental Sciences
Dec 10   Laboratory visit by fellows from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) & Partnerships in the Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) of the United Nations
Dec 5   Seminar by Dr. Miao, Qing, “Using quantitative proteomic approaches to reveal the novel biological function of Nogo-B receptor”
Dec 4   Opening Ceremony for SKLBEA
Dec 4   Laboratory visit by MOST
Nov 29   Seminar by Prof Jiang Guibin, “Molecular Toxicology of Emerging Contaminants”